MaxMyWealth given UK cash injection reports that MaxMyWealth has been given a cash injection by UK-based investors. The reports say that just two UK investors have acquired a significant minority stake in Heathwalk Advisors, which owns fintech platform MaxMyWealth. The exact amount of capital invested is undisclosed.

The company is based in London and India and the deal creates structured investments across the two locations. The investors are Global Advisors (Jersey) Ltd, which is an alternate asset management firm and leading investor in the blockchain ecosystem, and Horseferry, which is a diversified investment firm.

What is MaxMyWealth?

MaxMyWealth is an application launched in India in February this year. The idea for the website was to create a savings and investment application that selects the most profitable mutual funds by using proprietary research that is obtained by teams in India and the UK.

This would provide investors with well-informed saving and investing options, producing more return on investments. hears that the application provides useful features such as:

  • Projected wealth views, giving investors an idea on the return of their investment;
  • Interactive graphs, giving investors clear and well-organised information to make better decisions;
  • Goal tracking and forecasts, to see progress of investments;
  • Intelligent withdrawal, bringing the ability to make efficient steps to manage investments;
  • Tax loss harvesting, to give a clear view of taxation.

A great feature of MaxMyWealth is that the system is connected to automated teller machines (ATMs) and point of sale (POS) transactions via a visa card, so users can withdraw or access their money through ATM transactions or POS transactions.

MaxMyWealth: a good investmentopportunity?

As the big players in the finance industry have shown, investing in an area of financial technology that directly affects the sector they operate in can be a very profitable investment. It’s the same idea with MaxMyWealth. The investors in this company aren’t just expecting a return on their investment, they need this service for their own investments.

MaxMyWealth founder Vinay Chauhan is an investment professional and has seen the need for an application such as this. The investors in this company are also investment professionals and see the need for MaxMyWealth.

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